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April 22, 2014 • 4:00 PM

Our powerful talent portfolio, Webcomp, gets a price hike in May. Lock in the current rate now.

Seems like every company in this business has their hand out demanding money from talent for a portfolio or services or connections. So when we set out to build Webcomp, we knew we had to make it powerful and be a great value to our talent. So we did something radical….we gave booked talent more money if they had a $5 a month account!

Craziness. No one did that and to our knowledge, no agency or brokerage (like us) gives their talent the ability to keep 100% of the booked rate currently. THIS was a radical idea. It felt like a great win for everyone and so we launched it. Our talent loved it. Frankly, they loved it more than we expected them to to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars we paid out to Pro account talent. So as we grow, we decided it’s time to raise the price of the Pro account.

While good things often end, the bargain our current Pro talent are getting won’t. Everyone that’s in a Pro account, at $5 a month, before May 1st, can keep paying the same amount forever regardless of future increases.

But if you’ve not upgraded before May 1, you’ll pay the new rate. Of course you’ve got to keep active to keep the old rate.

Raising prices is a tough decision but we know the Webcomp is worth it. Our talent in Pro accounts keep 100% of the payment when booked, they are seen by clients first in the project galleries, and they get tons of tools to help them land work outside the Soup too.

So if you are on the fence and want to lock in the $5 pricing, I’d suggest to you jump on it to lock in the $5 rate. Upgrading, or downgrading, is done on the My Account tab in your Webcomp. Nothing long term, no contract, you stay in control. We even email you every month a few days before the charge to make sure we are still earning our keep!

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April 14, 2014 • 11:37 AM

Filtering projects, protecting talent’s contact info…here’s why its important

With thousands of models, actors and everyday folks from across the country in the Soup, and more joining every day, it’s easy to see why we love our job. We get to interact with wonderful people who are chasing their dreams and landing jobs. It’s a privileged position. And while we have fun at work and enjoy the job, it’s one we take seriously. 

Helping our clients find and book talent is what most people think we do day in and day out. It’s true we spend a great deal of time making happy clients (and talent) but another significant role we play, that often goes unnoticed, is that of “Protector”. Specifically, we protect our talent’s contact info from the general public by screening potential casting inquiries from unsolicited projects.

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April 11, 2014 • 9:08 AM

Call us a showoff, we don’t care. Our talent rock. Client’s say so. Check them out!

Showing off some amazing booked talent… project 1276, the banking client…. We’ll highlight the full production team after the shoot but for now, check out these good looking folks!

Producer: Eric Rassmusen Productions (NY) 

Atlanta Production Coordinator: Callie Householder Productions (ATL) 


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April 8, 2014 • 10:44 AM

Another national ad campaign with great talent from TalentSoup!

Showing off our talent is so easy when great creative folks put them to work… Here last year’s National Peanut Board ad campaign makes the NY Times 

And here are the Co-stars-

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April 1, 2014 • 3:47 PM

One look at these talent shooting today and it’s no wonder we’ve got happy clients

Our fantastic talent shooting today for the Breast Cancer Awareness PSA-

Our client, agency Multiple, reports from the location that everyone is thrilled with the talent selections and their performance. Great job y’all!

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March 31, 2014 • 3:50 PM

Atlanta Project 1277 Video Shoot - New Euro cosmetic line shopping for spokesmodel in the Soup! Pays $1200 plus agency.

Hello lovely ladies around Atlanta!

A new German cosmetics company is launching into the US market and in the Soup to find the perfect spokesmodel. Talent will be required to memorize 3-7 lines per shoot segment as no cards or prompters will be used. Talent will be on set for up to 10 hours and it pays $1200 plus agency (if applicable). 

Our client is going to select their top ladies from the system to submit videos by the end of the week. Remember, Pro accounts keep 100% of this rate. If you have a free, Entry account and book this job, we keep 20% of that $1200. Agency talent please see your agency for your net payment.

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March 28, 2014 • 10:21 AM

Project 1275 - Airline image library shoot. $1000 plus agency for 4 hours

Project  1275 Print Shoot - A global airline (wink wink) is shopping for great looking 33-47 year old models for their internal library.

Talent will be on set for 4 hours and it pays $1000 plus agency (if applicable). Remember if you have a free, Entry account and book this job, we keep 20% of that $1000. Agency talent please see your agency for your net.

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March 27, 2014 • 1:34 PM

Magazine cover for a national finance magazine - Project 1274. Payment updated..

For those Atlanta men that got the notice this morning, check your Home tab again for the project info including payment info. Sorry about missing that…this is clearly a PAID project!

Here’s another example of how automatic submissions work. If you are not in the Soup (registered), we can’t submit you. Most projects don’t announce so get in the mix!

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March 24, 2014 • 2:00 PM

Enough winter..time for some heat! Project 1273: Casting Miami area models (adults and kids), pays up to $2500

Miami Print Shoot Casting For National Paper Goods Brand. Pays up to $2500 - Casting By Invitation Only. Experienced models only please

In Person Casting date (invite only): Thursday, March 27, Miami, FL
Tentative Shoot Dates: April 3, April 4th or April 5th 2014


  • Caucasian “family”, 2 years domestic consumer focus, all print, in-store POS, web (includes email)
  • Latin / hispanic “family”, 2 years domestic consumer focus, web (includes email)

Session: Up to 8 hours

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March 20, 2014 • 10:00 AM

Project 1272 - Interview-Style Video casting for a Big 5 car brand. All experience levels welcome. Pays $800

A Big 5 Auto Maker - Sustainability Interactive Video Casting - 

By Invitation Only! 

All experience levels welcome

In Person Casting date: Wednesday, March 26th, Atlanta, GA
Tentative Shoot Dates: April 2, April 3 or April 4th 2014
Usage: 1 year. Video for Sustainability Report and B Roll. No broadcast or advertising use.
Session: Up to 8 hours (likely less)
Script / Sides: There is no script! See Notes below.
Rate: $800.00 plus agency if needed (covers session and usage). Non-union project. No experience needed just willingness to be yourself on camera.
Client: A Big 5 Auto Maker

Breakdown / Demographics:

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